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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Upside down Banana Split

Funny how you remember some crazy stuff.  I remember Upside down banana splits.

When I was uncle was taking us for ice cream...  talking about banana splits. I don't really like banana splits just cause of the yucky pineapple topping, I said.  So my uncle told me he would take me somewhere that has upside down banana splits.  They are served in a cup and you don't have to have the pineapple topping. Weird thing is no one other than me remembers this.. they still tease me about it.  They said I should of marketed the idea and would have beat Dairy Queen out cause this was years, I mean years; before the blizzard...

So I would make my own upside down banana split when the mood stuck.  Even when the girl was little she would like her upside down banana split plain.  Just ice cream and bananas... Truth is many times like tonight it is a round about way to cut out the bad mushy rotten spots and still have a banana split.. with chocolate fudge topping minus  the yucky pineapple topping!

It was yummy!

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