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Friday, December 2, 2011

Natural Food Coloring?

With the holidays ahead I am thinking about baking somethings and thought about sugar cookies. Truth is at work I was comment that my cookies would taste better because they don't have any chemicals in the mix. So then I think wait the frosting is made with artificial coloring....

So I went to find on line if I could find natural food coloring.... ummm wait I have my hours cut and I am being told not to get over 35 hours or I will be in big trouble... They are expensive...

New search! To make natural dyes.  I was thinking no not the easter egg dyes... but it pretty close to that to color frosting.

Raspberries, cranberries or strawberries - red or pink
Beet juice - red
blueberries or blackberries - reddish purple
grape juice- lavender
puree spinach- green
Avocado - green
turmeric or saffron -yellow
cabbage leaves water add baking soda - blue


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