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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can you smell that?

Interesting. Things that the scientific community tests.

What smell does men like the most?

           Cinnamon.  Research studies found that men were attracted by the scent of cinnamon in  baked goods.


           Pumpkin pie spice.



The Smell and Taste Research Foundation found that the aromas that enhance male sexual response in order of  best to least:

 Lavender and pumpkin pie
Doughnut & black licorice
Pumpkin pie & doughnut
Lavender & doughnut
Black licorice and cola
Black licorice
Doughnut & cola
Lily of the valley
Buttered popcorn

They are not sure if it has anything to do with the smell being a reminder of childhood or a relating smell to comfort and  favorite foods.  But it seems to be we really don't need to spend a lot on perfumes just bake our sweeties some goodies...

       OMG my Mom was right the way to a man's heart is threw his stomach.   LOL. My dad did say he would love her forever as long as she baked him brownies! I think it is more than the brownies, for he is a widow and still loves her.


  1. LOL forget all the expensive pefume and start baking!

  2. Forget my perfume im gonna start putting vanilla extract on..LOL!!