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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Making Vinegar.

Seems cool...Make your own Vinegar! (Please check out that site if you need a idea on what you can use for the flavor ..She has a great list!  Or help from this site... ) but makes me wonder if our great grandparents did this and if they could they would be yelling  at us for not knowing these types of things....

A glass jar, bottle, pot, or enamelware pot.


peelings from clean, organic fruits or vegetables. anything that contains sugar or a starch.Frozen juices work...but don't use bottled one they have added chemicals that keep it from turning into vinegar.

distilled water

If you are worried that this won't work; you can add a 1/2 cup of unpasteurized, unfiltered vinegar like Braggs Apple cider vinegar. Just think of it like a vinegar starter....

Sanitize the bottle by filling with boiling hot water let sit for 10 minutes. Dump out water carefully. Add leaves, fruits.  A wide opening is a good idea for the fermenting part and smaller bottle for the finished product... 
Cover them with the distilled water.
Use some cheesecloth to cover the bottle it needs the airs to help it ferment.  The natural bacteria and wild yeast in the air helps ferment the mix  into the vinegar.
Place in dark place.  And you might find some flies trying so hard to get to the mix. It might be a good idea not to leave in the kitchen.
Stir once a day.
After a few weeks it will start to smell like vinegar. Let steep until it reaches as strong as you want or when you notice it is getting weaker.

Strain through cheesecloth into smaller bottles. Keep a 1/2 cup for the next batch!!!

Let that sit for 6 months or so before using to make a smoother vinegar.

hummm I might have to write a blog on how this works out.

I do have some red wine "vinegar" that I use for a hair rinse.... It was one of those box wines that was forgotten about.... I was told that is taste like vinegar but it really doesn't have a very strong vinegar smell... so it is nice to use as a hair rinse and it doesn't go to waste.

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