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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My plate

When I was going to school, we had to learn the 4 basic food groups. Protein, dairy, grains and cereal, and last but not least fruits and vegetables. We were thought that we need to eat from each food group each day to be big and strong.... Even the dinosaurs ate well, way back then... Ok really the dinosaurs were long gone before that but not according to the girls... lol

Then there was the Great Pyramid the girl had to learn.  You know the one where the closer to the top you got the less of that item you should eat... The girl understood that very easily.  It's the pyramid with the stripes well lets just say we all sign a big sign of relieve  that none of us where in school and had to worry if we understood the diagram or not!!
Why not go to for information, tools, “how-to” materials about healthy eating

So yea this diagram can be understood by the littler ones  in  school.  It can easily understood by many.... but really it is worth 2 million...... that reported the amount that it took to develop and promote the my plate icon. wow.... and we blame the president for the  deficit.

But where we wrong in the "olden" days? Was my grandparents wrong with eating eggs almost everyday for breakfast and milk with every meal mindset?  That the fact was most things where made from scratch and not over fortified with added vitamins.  The animals where not pumped up with hormones.  Oh yea that the main item wasn't the meat.  You  usually had a few side dishes,  you ate everyone of them and that the meat was not the largest part of the plate..........     Maybe our grandparents did have this right....

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