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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fried Provolone Cheese

Have you heard?

That fried provolone cheese can be used as a sub for bacon? Yea I thought right when my supervisor was telling me that too.... He's a vegetarian and his mom is also.  She used make her kids PLT. LOL you know like BLT but P instead of B for the vegetarians;  fried provolone cheese

He told me I should try it for my daughter. Of course kids they love to turn up their noses at different. Even at twenty something........

I tried and it wasn't bacon... but it was pretty good. I think I will eat that again.  It had the texture of lunch meat and tasted good.

One thing I learned was that it will shrink to half the size so use a whole piece.

I got my pan and got it hot.  Over middle high heat.  Put the piece of cheese down and watch it turns brown quick. I search it online and saw a site that said add herbs and Parmesan cheese.  Now they said that the Parmesan cheese helps absorb the liquid from the cheese. So I added some Parmesan cheese  then fliped over and browned on other side.
 Try it!!!


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