There are many different buzz words that explain this phenomenon: flexitarian, semi-vegetarian, and week day vegetarian; where you only eat meat on the week-ends. But anyway you want to say it, you are cutting back on the meat you eat. Some do it for health reasons, animal rights, the environment or all of the above!

Removing high fructose corn syrup and preservatives from our table.
This is my on-line recipe book with my adventures into finding healthy food for my family to eat....
Trying to cook more from scratch with less prepared foods.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peanut Butter Energy Bars

* 1 cup natural-style peanut butter
* 1 cup honey
* 1 teaspoon maple syrup
* 3 cups dry uncooked old-fashioned oatmeal

Combine peanut butter, maple syrup and honey in a large nonstick pot and warm up over a low heat until runny and mixed.
Mix in the oatmeal (and protein powder if using).
You don't want to cook it, just heat it up enough to stir everything together nicely.
Press into a 9x9-inch pan.
Let cool, then cut into 16 equal bars. - No need to refrigerate as the ingredients are natural.


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