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Sunday, May 16, 2010

How my garden is growing

Check out my tomato plants!!  They are growing tall fast..

I have a small yard and a dog. I started last year to plant my veggies in containers.  He didn't try to dig them up or eat them, so I thought this would work better than trying to block off a area of the backyard for a garden.

This is a frosting bucket from work.   I need more rocks for the bottom and then I will thin out my buckets.  I have 2 red tomatoes and one yellow tomato bucket... Plus 2 green pepper buckets.  the peppers haven't even started peaking out yet... I did plant at the same time..

 My raspberry bushes are looking very bushy! LOL you might not see it but they have many bees working the small white flowers on the plant. Wow I am excited I love raspberries....
Last year I didn't get to freeze any from the bush in the back yard (I did freeze some from the store) because we ate them all off the bush. Plus the dog loves to help get the one at the bottom of the bush......They were on the small side but I am told they get bigger after the bush has bloomed a couple years......  My dad tied up the bush because he found those stakes after mowing my yard.  My dad is a retired man and likes to "help me out" as he says, so I let him do some chores around the house.  I think he needs to help  as much as I need the help!

Thinking of getting a blueberry bush too, but I do get a lot of fresh and frozen blueberries from my Aunt.  I get some wonderful jams and jellies too... And homemade ketchup that as kids we called hot ketchup cause it had a bite to it... humm I think I will ask for the recipe...... I could make my own!!



  1. Dear Midnite Skys:
    thank you so much for your comment on my blog at 'Lots Of Little Blessings'!! I love your suggestions!! They are soooo true!! Thanks also for the Google-tip!! I will have a look at it!! Have a wonderful day!!
    PS.:BTW I love your blog! I am following you now!!

  2. Me again,....
    would you be interested in sharing a healthy, tasty recipe with my readers on my blog?? I would love to feature you, your blog, and some of your wisdom. Let me know!! You can email me at ! Would love to hear from you!!